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1x Bronte RC25
1x Nylon holster
1x Spare rubber switch cap
4x Spare rubber o-rings
1x Instruction sheet


The RC25 has a rather aggressive bezel up the front, it's points are shaped more pointed than those on most other tactical style lights. Behind this this an AR-coated glass for optimum light transmission. The aluminum reflector is deep and has a lightly textured finish, well-polished with no noticeable flaws. The LED sitting at the bottom of the reflector cup is practically perfectly centered as well. Externally the head has a clean design with some flat faces machined on, with a series cooling fins towards the rear end.

The battery tube mates nicely with the head thanks to the cleanly cut threads on both ends. Rubber 0-rings are placed behind the threads helps with providing a moisture seal. The battery tube is wide enough to fit protected 18650 cells in addition to regular CR123 cells. The RC25 comes pre-installed with a pocket clip and tactical grip ring which are both removable. A plain screw-on ring is also provided to be installed in place of the tactical grip ring if you don't fancy the tactical style, so the light body won't look bare. Of course the grip ring also serves as an anti-roll feature The tail cap has some similar flat faces machined on, similar to those on the head. It has a three-point crenellation, however doesn't allow the light to tail stand since the rubber switch cap sticks out the end. The switching mechanism has an average amount of travel with slightly stiffer than average tension. Since the switch sticks out slightly as mentioned, on/off activation is easy and comfortable.

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The RC25 has 3 constant illumination modes and 2 flashing modes in the following order:

Off > Medium > High > Low >Tactical Strobe > S.O.S.

Output selection is cycled through by loosening/tightening the head repeatedly. The last output mode selected is memorized even after the light is switched off. The lower output levels are controlled by means of PWM, which means that you would notice a trailing flicker when waiving the light around. However the OWM frequency is of a higher frequency that other similarly controlled lights, and you are very unlikely to notice this behavior in real-life practical situations. Beam profile comprises of a narrow spot with a medium flood of spill beam area. Beam tint has a nice, neutral white color as well.

The RC25 puts out a good amount of light, easily matching those of other similarly spec-ed high output options available, and this output level is maintained pretty well through the life of the battery. Overall runtime is above average considering the output it provides and runtime curve/regulation.


The Good - Balance of output and runtime performance. Solid construction.

The Bad - Nothing significant.

The Relative - Almost pure white out put tint. Isn't able to tail stand. Forward push button allows for momentary activation.

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Bronte RC25
January 25, 2012


Beam Profile
Narrow Spot
Type 3 Anodizing
182 long
36mm at widest Ø
AR-Coated Glass
Light Source
Cree XM-L
High 580 Lumens
Medium 262 Lumens
Low 9 Lumens
High Spot 9680 Lux
High Spill 217 Lux
Medium Spot 4375 Lux
Medium Spill 98 Lux
Low Spot 155 Lux
Low Spill 3 Lux
1x 18650
2x CR123
Textured Aluminum
1x 18650 2400mAh SolarForce
High 01:10 to 50%
Medium 02:40 to 50%
Low ~120 hours
2x CR123 1500mAh e²
High 00:43 to 50%
Medium 01:37 to 50%
Low ~120 hours
Forward Push Button
215g with 2x CR123
228.5g with 1x CR123